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Table Skirts


Twinkle / Starlight Table Skirt - Hire Price £25

Once the skirt has been switched on, it is simply magical! 

It is set to twinkle all day long giving you a magical feeling throughout your wedding, party or event. 

The skirt fits most tables (sizes below) and the table you are using will need to be near an electrical socket to be plugged in.

PLEASE NOTE: The table skirt does NOT come with a top cloth. These can be added from £5.00


Skirt will fit:

  • 2ft Square Table (overlapped)
  • 2ft Round Table (overlapped)
  • 2.5ft Round Table (overlapped)
  • 3ft Square Table (small gap)
  • 3ft Round Table (overlapped)

  • 4ft Square Table (gap)
  • 4ft Round Table (gap)
  • 6ft Rectangle Table - open back


Tutu Skirt - Hire Price £25

An absolute stunning addition to any cake table, drinks table or present table. This will fit a 6ft trestle table along the front and around both sides. It is Snow White in colour.

It will also fit a 3ft round table but it will overlap at the back by 18 inches (on a 4ft round table it is 18 inches too small), a 2.5ft square table but it will overlap by 12 inches (on a 3ft square table it will be 12 inches too small).

We can incorporate colours in to the skirt, colour matched to the sashes that you hire from us.



  • 3ft round table
    3ft round table
  • 6ft rectangle table
    6ft rectangle table
  • 2ft square table (lights off)
    2ft square table (lights off)
  • 3ft round table
    3ft round table
  • 4ft rectangle table
    4ft rectangle table
  • Skirt on 3ft round table
    Skirt on 3ft round table
3ft round table
3ft round table