A Fairy Godmothers Touch

...everyone needs a Fairy Godmother


Moon Gate & Garlans


Moon Gate

Make a stunning visual impact with a Moon Gate. 

Moon Gate's come in all balloons, balloons & flowers or all flowers. 

Balloon only, any colour                                                        - £130

Balloons & minimal Flower decoration                              - £155

Balloons & Flowers                                                                 - £180

Budget: Frame lightly decorated with flowers                  - £100

Full Floral                                                                                - £200

Any design changes will be reflected in the cost, for example: flower alterations.

A refundable deposit will be required with all our stands. This will be refunded once the stand and ALL its fixings have been returned. Any missing parts will result in a new stand being purchased at the customers expense. 



Balloon Garlands can be made to any size or length. They can be used in so many ways and they are right on trend at present. 

Table Runner, 180cm long (6ft)                                             - £15

5 meter Garland                                                                        - £70

10 meter Garland                                                                    - £150