A Fairy Godmothers Touch

...everyone needs a Fairy Godmother


Easel & Seating Plans



This stands around 5.5ft tall. Our customers usually hire this to put their seating plans on (which we can also supply), but it can also be used to welcome your guest or to tell them the order of your day, food menus or anything else you can think of. It is capable of holding boards up to A1 size.

HIRE £20


Seating Plan Bases

These are available to HIRE in various shapes and sizes and can be hired with or without our easel or and seating plans.


Ivory Mirror

Matches our Ivory easel perfectly.

HIRE £10


Padded Planner

This is Exclusive to us and measures 18 x 24 inches. and comes in plain, lavender, light blue, or ivory with pink hearts. If these do not match your theme, let us know as we may be able to offer you an alternative.

HIRE £20


Insert Frame

Available with 12 inserts or 18. 

If there are too many inserts for your tables you can always use couple of photo's to personalise the frames and/or use a 'Welcome to the wedding of...' at the top and a 'Thank you for sharing  our day' at the bottom.

Size of individual frames are 6 x 4 inches.

HIRE 12 Insert Frame - £5.00

HIRE 18 Insert Frame - £6.50


Crate Base

Perfect for any Shabby Chic theme and is available as a single crate for a Seating Plan or as part of an apple crate display. 

HIRE Single Crate - £5
HIRE as part of a display - £25

Birdcage Base

This can be hired on its own or used with our easel, sitting on one of our white crates accompanied with artificial flowers or propped up with apple crate display.

Birdcage Base HIRE - £5

HIRE with white crate  & artificial flowers - £15

HIRE with apple crate display - £25


Wicker Heart Base

The grey heart can be hung up, propped up with a display or with our easel. 

Wicker Heart Base HIRE - £5

as part of a display - £25


Seating Plans

Available in over 10 different shapes and in any colour to match your theme or colour scheme. 

We do not limit you to numbers either, why not be creative and use character names, trains, holiday destinations, sports & sport teams, famous icons or landmarks, plants, flowers, animals... the list is endless!



4 x 6

These can only come in plain on White or Ivory  to accompany the 12 or 18 Insert Frames.

 12 for Insert Frame - £15

18 for Insert Frame - £20



Available to accompany any of our Seating Plan Bases printed on white or ivory in the shape of a square or rectangle depending on numbers. 

Minimum order of 6.

set of 6 basic - £7.50

with embellishment - £9.50

with luxury embellishment - £12

set of 6 basic with coloured backing - £10

with embellishment - £12

with luxury embellishment - £15

Beautiful Shapes

These are available in many different shapes and sizes are sold as a set. The set consists of 7 Guest Tables and 1 Top Table. If you have more than 8 tables, don't panic as we can add them on at an extra cost. 

Each table (shape) has your guest names printed on white or ivory and backed in a coloured card of your choosing. 

Plain set of 8 - £22

with embellishment - £25

with luxury embellishment - £30