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Centrepieces & Table



Prices are to HIRE unless stated otherwise


Fish Bowls

Our high quality fish Bowls are made by Oasis and come in 3 different sizes: 15cm (6"), 20cm (8”) and 25cm (10") at there widest point. These can be hired on their own or already decorated and the decoration possibilities are endless!



15cm Fish Bowl                                                                                                          - £2.00

20cm Fish Bowl                                                                                                         - £3.00

25cm Fish Bowl                                                                                                         - £4.00

All 3 Fish Bowls                                                                                                         - £7.00


15cm Fish Bowl with single flower                                                                        - £3.00

20cm Fish Bowl with 3 fresh Gerberas & gel balls                                             - £7.50

20cm Fish Bowl with large Dahlia and coloured ribbons                               - £5.00

20cm Fish Bowl with 3 artificial flowers & gel balls                                          - £5.00

20cm Fish Bowl with 6 Foam Roses & Crystals                                                  - £6.50

20cm Fish Bowl with Potpourri & LED candle                                                   - £5.00

25cm Fish Bowl with large Dahlia and lights                                                      - £6.50

Stacked Fish Bowls

15cm & 20cm complete with decoration                                                             - £6.50

20cm & 25cm complete with decoration                                                            - £8.50

15cm, 20cm & 25cm complete with decoration                                                - £10.00

See photos opposite for examples


Pedestal Birdcages

These are a gorgeous alternative to the birdcages you may have seen. We are proud to be the first to present these. We have added a little of our own creativity to make them look stunning on your tables. 

We can incorporate colours of your choice or tweak them to your theme and remember you won't see these anywhere else other than here!!

Pedestal Birdcage                                                                                                    - £7.00

Pedestal Birdcage with decoration & LED candle                                            - £1o.00


Silver Candelabras

Our gorgeous 5 arm candelabra's stand 50cm tall. Candles can be provided to hire but must not be lit. We can also provide pearl or diamante crystal garlands

50cm Silver Candelabras (without candles)                                                             - £8.00

50cm Silver Candelabras and candles                                                                - £13.00


60cm Tall Footed Vases

These simple, but beautiful, vases make a big impact to any theme or venue and  can be used with real or artificial flowers.

60cm Tall Footed Vase                                                                                          - £5.00

60cm Tall Footed Vase with medium arrangement                                            - £10.00


Martini Vases

The Martini vases stand 50cm tall and look stunning with real or artificial flowers.

60cm Martini Vase on its own                                                                             - £5.00

60cm Martini Vase with medium artificial arrangement                              - £15.00

60cm 'Upside Down Martini Vase with decoration                                             - £7.50


White Jug

Our White Jugs are made from galvanised metal measure 21.4cm x 15cm (8.5" x 6"). These can be hired on their own or with decoration.


White Jug                                                                                                                 - £3.00

White Jug with flowers                                                                                          - £6.50

White Jug with fresh flowers from                                                                      - £10.00


Milk Bottles & Urns

Having grown increasingly popular over the last couple of years, these Milk Bottles and Milk Urns are a beautiful accompaniment to any theme. Simple yet effective with a single rose or small arrangement. Complete the look with our Log Slices or books.

Set of 2                                                                                                                        - £2.00

Set of 2 with flowers                                                                                                 - £3.50

Set of 2 with fresh flowers from                                                                             - £4.50

Set of 3                                                                                                                         - £3.00

Set of 3 with flowers                                                                                                 - £4.00

Set of 3 with fresh flowers from                                                                             - £6.50


Hurricane Vases

Such a versatile vase with many uses. Ribbon can tied around their neck to match your colour theme and hang your table number from the ribbon and complete beautiful flower arrangement. They can also be filled with pearls or crystals to sit a candle inside (candles can be purchased separately below).

Hurricane Vase                                                                                                          - £3.00

Hurricane Vase with pearls or crystals                                                                 - £4.50

Hurricane Vase with pearls or crystals & LED candle                                       - £6.00

Hurricane Vase with flowers                                                                                   - £6.50

Hurricane Vase with fresh flowers from                                                              - £8.00


White Lily Vase

The Lily vases stand 50cm and can be dressed in so many different ways; simple and classic with Lillie's, flower/kissing balls, large flower displays.

50cm Lily Vases                                                                                                         - £3.00

50cm Lily Vase with Lilies                                                                                       - £8.50


Hand Tied Vase

Perfect as a centrepiece or to hold bride and bridesmaids bouquets which can then be placed either as centrepieces or used as decoration for cake tables or drinks tables etc. Ribbon can be tied around their middles to match your colour theme.

Hand Tied Vase                                                                                                         - £3.00


10cm Glass Cube

Perfect for the top table or as a little decoration to your Guestbook or Present/Post Box table.

10cm Glass Cube                                                                                                       - £3.00

10cm Glass Cube with flowers                                                                                - £4.00

10cm Glass Cube with fresh flowers                                                                      - £6.00


Cream Rose Tea light Arch

Holds 4 tealights. This comes with 4 tea lights that burn for 4 hours            - £3.50


Table Accessories


Mr & Mrs Sign

White wooden Mr & Mrs sign. Can be placed on the top table, cake table, guestbook table.. it is so versatile it can be placed just about anywhere!!

White Wooden Letters                                                                                                                           - £3.00


Mirror Plates

20cm (8") Diamanté edge                                                                                        - £1.00

25cm (10") Square                                                                                                     - £1.00

30cm (12”) Round                                                                                                     - £1.00

35cm (14") Round                                                                                                      - £1.50


Charger Plates

35cm (13") Silver Diamanté Plate                                                                          - £1.00


Log Slices

These look great sitting under our Milk Bottles and are perfect for any rustic look! They roughly measure between 25cm & 30cm.

Log Slices                                                                                                                     - £1.00



Add a little nostalgia or a little rustic charm with our books. We use these in our displays, with our crates and with our centrepieces (please note that no 2 books are the same).

Set of  2 or 3 small to medium books                                                                     - £1.00

Set of  3 books including 1 large                                                                              - £1.50


Table Number Stands

Our ivory stand measures 45cm tall. We can make other inserts to go inside the number stands. We are able put table names on them instead of numbers, and we can also put bride and groom names on with your wedding date etc.

Ivory Table Number Stands                                                                                     - £1.00

Stands with plain insert                                                                                            - £1.25

Personalised inserts, from                                                                                        - £1.50


Tea light Holders

Small holders                                                                                                                  - 20p

Small holders with diamanté edge                                                                             - 30p

Large holder (glass cup)                                                                                               - 40p


To buy (not hire)



All pillar candles are ivory and fit all of centrepieces. They burn for approximately 55 hours and measure 12cm tall and 8cm in diameter.

The tapered candles fit our candelabra and are automatically supplied in ivory unless specified, however it may not be possible to obtain the colour you require. They will burn for approximately 8 hours.

Ivory Pillar candle                                                                                                     - £3.50
Tapered Candles, set of 5                                                                                         - £5.00

Scatter Crystals

Available in many colours, please enquire.

4.5mm Crystals, per table                                                                                            - 80p



Available in an array of colours, please enquire.

Silk Petals, per table                                                                                                      - 45p
Fresh Petals, per table                                                                                              - £1.00