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Balloon Extras



We supply Box Weights or Sand filled weights as standard with our Balloon Bouquets, Arches and Cloud Nines. If you would like different weights to our Standard Weights they will be at an extra cost and are listed below.

Small Balloon Cluster                                                                    - £2.00
Large Balloon Cluster                                                                    - £2.50
Large Double Bubble Clusters                                                     - £8.00

Weights to buy or hire:

To Buy:                                                      To Hire:
Foil's - £1 each                                         Foils - 50p each
Plastic Gift Box - £1 each                      Plastic Gift Box - 50p each
Stars - £1.25 each                                   Stars - 50p each
Double Hearts - £1.50 each                 Double Hearts - 75p each

All hired weights need to be returned